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Andy M.
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June 2009
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Andy M. [userpic]

So little in life is constant these days. My job swings wildly, and social relationships are all in bursts.

I spent nearly a month and a half straight in the office (literally straight over the past two weeks to make a bumped-up deadline), now, I probably won't set foot in the office 'til April - tending instead to daily fieldwork in the outer boros. With this comes regular use of my truck, which has been largely un-used over the past month.

I saw several friends last Thurs that I realized I hadn't seen in nearly a month. I used to see them all the time, but the transport distance seems to just be too much to 'just hang'. Many other friends are seen only every couple of weeks. Tho' at least the time spent is of high quality.

Goddamn, I want a drummer more than air.

I currently am the ruling Steward of the Ecology Department at work. Mostly due to the fact that everyone senior to me got to go to the Bahamas this week (for a research project). I wanted desperately to go, but someone had to stay behind to hold the fort. Unfortunately, I'm not in the office to transform our section into the coolest row of cubicles evar! Plus, all it takes is one fuddy-duddy to not appreciate the awesomeness of my redecoration, to get me in trouble. Bleh.