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Andy M.
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June 2009
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Andy M. [userpic]
Revolutions Per Year

New Year's Resolutions [not terribly exciting, but I feel I have to write them somewhere]
1. 90% reduction in cultural detritus.
This is specifically aimed at websurfings like fark, facebook, imdb and pretty much anthing that invests time without widening the depth and breadth of the life experience/personal development. [I'm somewhat violating that by taking the time to write this, but that's why I said '90%'].

2. Gym becomes a priority
No longer a 'if I'm doing nothing else' , gym time will take priority over all but the most vital after-work activities.

3. Increased inter-personal force
Many of the great unhappinesses in life were allowed to develop by my not being forceful when other people were slacking in a way that actively screwed me. Upon realizing a negative condition, it will be dealt with immediately and without sugar-coating. People also deserve, in general, to be dealt with immediately.

4. Revert moral sensibilities
I've been slipping, from a moral point-of-view, for years now (blame NYC, but I blame personal exhaustion). I don't feel good about it.

Continued progress in: environmental consciousness, vegetarianism, evil.