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Andy M.
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June 2009
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Andy M. [userpic]
Day 5: Haven't resorted to cannibalism...yet

I arrived home last Saturday, full of the promise of a 2-week holiday with friends and family in my hometown. In the week since then, there has been a total of about 6 hours when the snow subsided enough to get away from the house. I have taken to shoveling the driveway, even when it didn't need it, to get some blood flowing (and get a reprieve from the family dynamic within).

Xmas was pretty lame. The power went out on Christmas eve, and wasn't restored 'til nearly noon on Christmas Day. Candles and fireplaces were used, but it failed to create an 'old tyme Christmas' atmosphere. Xmas dinner was scaled back as people couldn't make the trip - it was with but the same 4 people I'm snowed in with (mom, bro, and sis-in-law), and we didn't even move into the dining room (from the less-grand kitchen table).

Gifts received were extrodinarily lame. Every actual package I unwrapped was clothing (a sweater that was far too frat-boy for me, and a package of underwear - I swear to Zuul - my own mother gave me, on my 31st Christmas, a pack of underwear). [to those who don't know, I actually have a good number of good-quality and good-condition boxer-briefs, and my mom has not been in a position to assess this collection for years] 

The rest of the gifts were cash, which makes sense, honestly. It's less fun to unwrap, but at this stage in life, all gifts have to be transported back to NYC on a plane, and my main focus is saving enough to put a downpayment on property. Yes, the market's good right now, but I haven't got the capital, nor am I in a position where I can say 'here is where I want to live for long enough to bother buying a place'

And that pretty much establishes the mood of the past year. No relevations really - I live and work in the same place I did in 2007. Not even a promotion or an exciting new project. No earthshaking experiences either -  past a February drive to Cape Cod and a week returning to the roots in B.C.'s Caribou. The band didn't progress, spending 3/4 of the year getting the new drummer up to speed, and the last 1/4 trying to find a new one. My last grandparent passed away, but she had had advanced Alzheimers for years, and hadn't really been there for a while. Perhaps the only significant changes were (a) a increased probability that I'll be wearing 'professional clothes' at any time, and (b) the loss of about 15 lbs from the midsection.

But there is hope in the new year. There are possible projects to lead @ work.  Though being at work long enough for those to start depends if they come through with the double-raise I have been promised. [Last year's promised raise fell through cuz the admin people got distracted with selling the company. I know it's not one person's fault, but collectively, it's an insult that demands some reparations.] The band will be recording, cuz either we find a full-time drummer in the next week, or we'll pay a merc to do the bloody album the rest of us have been ready for for three years.

Anyways, too long already...more musings later.

Current Music: Great Big Sea - Fortune's Favour