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Andy M.
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June 2009
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Andy M. [userpic]
Brain needs some corn starch!

The client had me transfixed for a 5 hour, 14 minute conference call today. As mentally blasted as I was going into the fourth hour, it was probably the least frustrating aspect over the past few days. Between more bullshit parking ticket and medical billing screwups, the fact that I could shut the world out for a few hours to concentrate on a single task (even one as scalp-rending as this project) was somewhat comforting.

The medical billing screwup is a classic. It means that, despite ever-increasing premiums, I haven't been able to visit a doctor without a billing fuck-up resulting in having a bill sent to me months later (for charges I was 100% covered for) since roughly 2004. And this one was super-good cuz the visits were over a year ago, so it's not like I have those records on file anymore. I am definately a fan of the Canadian system. One card, show it at the desk, sign here, you're fucking covered and we'll deal with it from here.

With the fam. visiting me in BK, I had access to their hotel's swank gym. As such, I'm back on the fitness bandwagon (picking up with my public gym after they left). I really wish the schools around here weren't such prisons, because the school across the street from me has a rubberized track that I can't access because the fences don't open. I feel FAC-ing horrible for the kids tho', imagine not being able to get out of school AT ALL from 9-3. Ugh. This is not the place to raise a kid.