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Andy M.
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June 2009
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Andy M. [userpic]
I hates cold

Brrr-ing my fac-ing ass off today. It's not winter until my toes go numb within the first hour of field work.

I have come to discover that many great things in this city are free. I mean besides love and peace. Today, the NFT (Not For Tourists) guide had an open bar and free guide giveaway. I got a $6 drink and $17 book for free! Combine with 'pay what you want' museums and plenty of other events (a Brooklyn College open house a few weeks back was entertaining and got me drunk for free!), there is much to get if you look.

The best, tho', was probably last Monday, when I hauled gear for the wedding band, who were playing an NYPD Xmas party @ the Grand Hyatt on 42nd St. I got free drinks, 5-star food and dessert, and $80 in my pocket for only a couple of hours of work. Whee! 

Still, I wants my bailout!

Current Music: Metallica - Cyanide