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Andy M.
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June 2009
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Andy M. [userpic]
Act of God

Today, I woke at 5:30 in order to complete a tree survey before going into the office. I was able to walk to the survey site (living in BK may suck in many ways, but the commute's a breeze vs. my various bosses' 90+min commutes). In the air still chilled by a November eve, my damp hair making me sensitive to the bitter wind. I took out my notebook and recorded the measurements largely derived from known lengths of my body parts (shoe length = 13" heel-to-heel pace = 3'). I took some 'baseline' pictures and recorded the last observation and shut the book as a flock of pigeons past by.

I walked to the subway, and enjoyed a seat on the subway during rush hour. Getting to the office at 8, I took out the same notebook as I entered the boss' office to learn of the daily emergency associated with the Navy project. I opened the notebook in his office to find an unexpected yellow-brown substance on the facing pages.
"Huh," I commented to my boss, "Must be some pitch from the tree."
I scratched at the substance, and found it crumbled easily, and had many hard , dark flecks.
"Well," my boss commented, smiling a grin rarely evident in the office, "You hope it's pitch."
His tone was absentminded, but it immediately dawned on me that it wasn't pitch. It wasn't plant-based at all. Oh, it was organic! And it was a thick organic fluid excreted onto my page. It, indeed, was bird shit. Perfectly timed and placed by the passing doves of Brooklyn, into the closing pages of my notebook, to lie in wait until I would open it at a most inopportune time, and have to stand there for 15 minutes, discussing the various aspects of the project, all the while silently screaming that I needed to get to some soap and clean my shitty fingers.

The rest of the day was fine, thank you!

My ma, bro, and sis-in-law are visiting next week. Gonna do the town (tix to August: Osage County) n' have my first family 'US Thanksgiving'. It's also full-swing opera season, with 3 in the next month (Madama Butterfly this Weds, then Queen of Spades and Don Giovani in early Dec). Then a full 2-week Xmas break which will involve skiing, and may involve a road trip to Vegas.

I had a good end-of-year review at work (before the birdshit incident). The only negatives being the occasional typo and a need to shave more often.

Need a drummer again, if anybody in NY/NJ knows of a decently compentent and sane drummer.

Current Music: AC/DC - Black Ice album