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Andy M.
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June 2009
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Andy M. [userpic]
Everything is broken

My car CD player recently jammed. My 'Best of The Who' may be stuck in limbo forever! My DVD player also has mysteriously not been working for a while. But these pale in comparison to my PS3 suddenly refusing to boot up. Gawddammit, there's no way that's going to be an easy fix.

I got denied access to my co-worker's BDay party tonite cuz I didn't fit the dress code. I had  been moving my friend Forde (in Hoboken), and wasn't able to get home to change, so I showed up to the party location in short-shorts (khaki cargos) and a slightly dingy T-shirt. It seems my coworker's a classy dame who has parties at Greenwich Village joints with 'no shorts' dress codes. I wanted to cause I scene with the snooty doormen, but upon being told 'there's a dress code', I paused for the beat, and said 'Well, fuck it then' and went on my way. I am somewhat proud of the sitch, as I had been fearing that I had been progressively selling out more, and now I feel somewhat vindicated that I 'don't fit in with your namby-pamby pretty boy image cuz I've been accomplishing too much, so I leave you to your cover charges and absurd drink prices'.
But I'm pained now in that I figured I'd just go home and watch movies/play PS3, and now it seems that I can't! ARgh!