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Andy M.
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June 2009
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Andy M. [userpic]
Driving Mad

Good news: I got my car back, it was a mere $46 spot weld on a bracket. Beauty.

Bad news: in the next 72 hours, I got a ticket and was in an accident.

The ticket pissed me off enough, because I got into a poor situation in which it was much safer to disregard the 'left only' paint and go through the intersection. The cops got me, and it appears that it's $90. I had tried to get over, but it was dark and left lane turns into a row of travelling cars after dark sucks in a pickup.

Anyways, that's now water under the bridge after I got hit this afternoon. I had just parked a block down from my place, and was gathering my stuff, when a car comes lurching forward, stops, then lurches right into the side of my car. The car backs up, I assume he's pulling over for ye olde insurance-trade. Instead, he looks at me and speeds off. I am flabbergasted, and seem to have nothing but a bunch of slack-jawed yokels peering in my windows as he does this. I was able to get his licence number, which is good cuz no one else did. I asked the car who was double-parked in front of me if I could have his phone number as a witness. He immediately threatened me with violence, saying 'I ain't no snitch', further threatening me if I wrote down his licence plate number. Wonderful. Obviously a friend of the perp. It took a seven-year-old kid to have the maturity to give me his plate number.
Anyways, I filed a report with the cops and the insurance, gave them both the licence number. Hopefully the kid (or more likely, his parents), will be getting a few phone calls this evening. Which is good, cuz now my car door doesn't open, and I am feeling particularly vindictive toward this young fella and his likely accomplice.

Regardless, I'm feeling a little sour towards Brooklyn right now. Mayhaps its time to move to a more civilized clime with a longer commute.