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Andy M.
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June 2009
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Andy M. [userpic]

I am proved wrong. I had someone start a conversation with me in NYC public that wasn't asking for money or personal info. Actually, i still get to be right, its just that we no longer have an absolute trend. Some nice lady couldn't figure out the subwauy turnstiles, and asked me about it. Yay!

My truck may be in its last days. There's a knocking-scrape come from the rear wheels, at the same time that the oil leak flared back up. Combined, I'm naive to think it the bill to fix them will be less than the value of the truck. But, I spent a ton of money to fix the rear suspension and a previous oil leak just over a year ago. Beh. If it's done, I won't get a new one until January (I need it much less for work 'til then). I will be able to live the winter not worrying about parking problems, which is just fine by me.

To Maryland tomorrow...minimalistic conditions in which to drink heavily. Hoorah!

Current Music: Moist - Machine Punch Through

Even though it's more common for strangers to start up innocent conversations in Vancouver (less likely than in small towns, of course), I usually assume that if a stranger tries to talk to me, they're asking for money. Today a girl asked me for directions to Mountain Equipment Co-op and I was happy to be able to help.