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Andy M.
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June 2009
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Andy M. [userpic]
On the erosion of the human soul

So, tonight I sang one song with the wedding/party band that I haul gear for. This is dangerous to my 'artistic integrity', as I'm an original musician, and this is essentially a cover band [a very good one, with a previous history of original tunes that they dropped when their gravy train ran out], which should be rightfully frowned upon.

The absolutely fucked up thing about it was that I looked at the crowd whilst singing, and there were a good 300-400 people, many of whom were dancing, singing along ('Satisfaction' by the Stones), and just generally giving a shit-load of appreciation during and after the song. Now, I, of course, loved it, but this is in stark contrast to 90% of the original shows I've played that I put way more effort into. 
If it wasn't the largest crowd I've ever sung to, it's in the top 3, and one of the most energetic, save a couple of mosh-pitted shows. After many of my original shows, I'm downright depressed, because I worked my ass off to play to only a few people, and all I get for my invested time, sweat, and skill is a pissed off club owner who will never deal with us again. This situation seemed to be 'show up, the crowd will be here shortly'.

So, I have to keep my hold on my soul, and not sell out. 
...but jeez, it is fun to play in those conditions (once I turned off the anti-tool device in my brain), and I know that the cover band usually rakes in $5K per show (Pale Horse's average payday is about $50), and they have don't have to haul their  gear, cuz they can afford their own roadie [me, who makes more hauling their gear than he does managing, promoting, hauling, and singing for his own band].

Bah, enough whining. I'm going to sleep...work awaits on the other side, but it should be bearable now that the heatwave is subsiding.