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Andy M.
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June 2009
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Andy M. [userpic]

Christ, where did the last six months go?

Anyways, we are coming up to the 1-year anniversary of my professional career, a time when I promised myslef that I would assess my life situation to see if moving on (likely back to the PacNW) would be the best path to take.

Now, how happy I am with my life seems to vary wildly. On any given evening (including many Fridays), I'll be content as a clam, enjoying luxuries and great company; then I realize that it's 11pm, and I have to be up in 7 hours to go out in whatever hostile environs to do a job that is, at the best of times, mundane, and at the worst, downright maddening. But the ends are what I want to do...it's just that the means can suck.

I'll look at my bank account, and realize that there's a comfortable amount there; until I talk to many of those around me, and everybody seems to be scoring big raises to pay scales I can't fathom. But wait, don't I have a graduate degree, a professional position, and put in a ton of extra hours in a complex and in-demand field? I am living free of serious financial worry, so I shouldn't complain...should I?

I look at the living conditions. NYC is exciting, with many, many unique and awesome things to see and do! But it is also very crowded with assholes, and the modal personality is much more asshole-ish. For what I'm paying for my very humble apartment (shared with 2 roomates in a meh corner of town), I could probably have my own place in a much more hospitable environment nearly anywhere else in the world. Not to mention my love of open spaces...there's very little in Brooklyn, and they're all over the place in Vancouver.

I look to friends, I have great friends on both sides [tho', admittedly, the longer friends are stronger friends]. PacNW has my family, of which I remind myself daily that I am ignore far too much.

And then there's the ladies...the sweet, sexy ladies...ohhhhhh yeah.

Anyways...there's that, and many other things to think about...think, think, think.