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Andy M.
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June 2009
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I am most definately moving this summer. Likely within a mile, just to my own place. I have reached a point where I will forgo other luxuries just to be rid of roomates. Not that my current roomates aren't the best I've had, but they still will dominate the kitchen, still will potentially be watching reruns when I bring a date home to 'watch a movie,' and there's just a background level of stress to keep the volume down or moderate my behaviour, even when I'm home. 
Currently, one of them has a friend over, and they are dominating the common space (plus I can hear them far too clearly in my room).  While we get along, we're not buddy-buddy. They don't augment the life experience at all. I don't begrudge them, in fact they're great, but they are people I have to share with.

However, while my neighbourhood is doubtless the best for me, I want to move further. The social scene in the Clinton Hill 'hood has fallen considerably for me, largely due to the fact that the people I know here are/were mutual friends with myself and Kathleen, and while they profess to want to continue being both our friends, Kath's hard-line zero-contact-with-exs policy forces them to choose which to invite, and they have invited me to one event in the past three months since Kath and I broke (which Kath was at, besides, which is a whole 'nother rant aside that! - needless to say I'll always love her, but she really can be an inconsiderate $*%^).

So my C-Hill friends have downgraded themselves, whilst my band-friends left for Astoria long ago. They miss me, and I them. Perhaps it is time to follow, but Astoria is so retirement-village, and far from any real nightlife. Plus I have recently begged off one of the Astoria crew who wanted to date me...awkward! Plus my job has almost fully shifted to south Brookly (the opposite direction from Astoria), and doubling the commute is a really bad idea.

Of course, my job continues to get more frustrating and not deliver on promises of increased compensation, so maybe it's time to pull up from NYC altogether. I have obtained the 'project manager' title that was the goal since I started nearly 2 years ago, but all that comes with it is frustration and extra work. It was supposed to be power and pay raises, but there has been zero benefit so far.

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